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Who Are You…?

a seer with an incorruptible wand and a scrappy dog. sounds good

A thief with an ancient talisman and a careful ranger.

A Shape-shifting Monk with an adventurous cat… This sounds really cool omg

A mage with the power of flight and a scrappy dog.

A Princess with Invincibility and my companion is a simpering assassin.

Which makes a lot of sense, when you think about it.

A Priestess  with a blessed harp (makes sense) and a bABY DRAGON HELL YEAH



A knight with a beautiful gem, and a kindly nymph for a companion

A Seer with a blessed harp and a scrappy dog

…. that sounds pretty good and cute i must be the sidekick that dies

A Thief with the ability to fly and a tired mentor.

I’m guessing my mentor passes away from exhaustion and it effects me in both bad and good ways?

Princess who can control fire who has a servant boy

Shape shifting Necromancer with a Flirty pixie companion.

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    A mage carrying a mystical tome dragging a weary sorcerer along! Now I’m just picturing travelling magicians, going from...
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    A shape shifting beastmaster paired with an unreliable psychic. ((Also 26 december represent! *points above*))
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    A shape shifting king who’s partnered with an unreliable psychic (I imagine the court seer).
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    A Seer with Control/Power? of an Ancient Talisman and a Loyal HandMaiden as my companion…xD Sweet god my life.
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    I am LITERALLY Azula. A princess with control of fire and a warrior maiden (Mai, duh) as my companion. Hell yes.
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    A prince/princess who uses fairy dust and has a smiling pirate companion.
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    A thief, an ancient talisman, and a careful ranger….. isn’t that the comic Plume?
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    A thief that controls fire with a dashing rogue as my companion
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    A theif with control of fire and a fierce stallion at my side….I sound cool as hell!
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    a seer(?) with the power of fairy dust and a selfish raven as my companion sweet, no idea what a seer is, but cool. I...
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    prince(ss) with the power of fairy dust and a helpful barmaid as a friend
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    A fire controlling archer with a wise owl companion.
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    I’m an archer with control of water and a dashing rogue